Whelen: XLP Inner Edge – Dual Color

As with the XLP models, these units mount on the upper  front of Chevy Caprice; Dodge Charger, Ram, Durango;  Ford Explorer, Police Interceptor Utility, Taurus and  Police Interceptor Sedan vehicles

  • Upper Front Facing Series
  • Extra low profi le with six or twelve 6-LED DUO modules
  • DUO gives you independent control of each color, for a dual purpose warning and take-down light.
  • Arriving on scene in the middle of the night? Smoke or bad  weather clouding your visibility? Not a problem with new DUO  dual color Inner Edge lightheads on board. DUO gives you  complete independent programming control of each individual  lightheads warning color (Red, Blue or Amber), plus you can  turn your entire lightbar into a take-down light. This take-down mode is controlled in groups of 3 White DUO lightheads.
  • With its tiny ¾” profile, XLP Inner Edge DUO fits snugly against  the windshield, providing much more visibility and headroom for  the driver, while virtually eliminating flashback.
  • XLP DUO Upper Front Forward Facing Features:
  • Complete independent control of “On” or “Off” and  flash pattern of each individual DUO warning lighthead.
  • Phase control of each lighthead, with four phases that allow for alternating, simultaneous and combo flash patterns.
  • 40 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns.
  • Red/White, Blue/White or Amber/White DUO colors with White as the default second color.
  • Up to eighteen different programmed warning configurations can be operated via customer supplied switching to each of only eighteen input wires on the ECM.
  • The WeCan Electronic Control Module (ECM) can be substituted with a Whelen CenCom Sapphire™ or CanTrol™
  • WC siren/light control system

Havis: Integrated Control System – Video


The Havis Integrated Control System is the next step forward in mobile office interiors.

The Havis Integrated Control System is designed for saving space, creating police officer comfort, and the ability to integrate on-board technology.


Ford: New Police Utility Interceptor – Ecoboost

The new front end is just one of the changes to bring the Ecoboost version of the Utility Interceptor to the market. We will be posting soon a full list of updated parts to fit the new version of the Utility.

2014-02-28_213049 2014-02-28_213059


For the current Interceptor Utility please see the following PDF – Click Here