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Tremco Police Products is the world leader of police vehicle anti-theft systems. For three decades, our patented vehicle anti-theft systems have been included in the specifications for Federal, State, and Local Government vehicles. Our anti-theft system is designed specifically for police vehicles to prevent theft while providing risk management.

What’s different about the Tremco Anti-Theft System is that our patented system prevents police car theft, when the vehicle is left running with the key in the ignition.



  • Vehicles Can Be Left Unattended While Running
  • Allows Emergency Lighting & Other Electronics to Operate
  • Provides More Security at The Scene Of An Accident
  • Inexpensive & Easy to Install – Plug N Play


Tremco Police Products is the world leader of specialty vehicle Anti-Theft Systems. For three decades Tremco Police Products Anti-Theft Systems have been included in the specifications for Federal, State, and local Government vehicles and is designed specifically for emergency vehicles.

Tremco Emergency Vehicle Anti-Theft System


• Gives Police personnel the ability to leave the vehicle running unattended
• Allows emergency lighting, computers, radios, heaters, air conditioners, and defrosters to operate while maintaining needed battery current.
• Provides security and risk management
• The Anti-Theft System is very affordable
• Easy installation (plug-n-play) in less than ten minutes!


  1. The Anti-Theft system will turn on automatically every time the vehicle shift lever is placed in the “park” position. The system shall not require a key or switch to activate, since quick departures are common in police vehicle procedures. This technology enhances 100% usage.
  2. With the engine running and the Anti-Theft system activated, the automatic transmission shift lever won’t move out of the “park” position.
  3. The engine of a parked vehicle with the Anti-Theft system will be able to start, but the shift lever will not move out of the “park” position as in #2.
  4. The Anti-Theft system shall be deactivated by means of a not easily identifiable covert hidden floor switch system made of rubber material that has no electrical wires to sustain water damage.
  5. The Anti-Theft system shall be simple in design and require minimum time to install by agency personnel. (Less than ten minutes). No specialty tools required.
  6. The Anti-Theft system shall include detailed quality installation instructions and if requested, on-site installation training at the agency facility by the vendor.
  7. Warranty must be at least three years from installation for all parts.
  8. The Anti-Theft system must have proven track record in the field having been in production for at least five years prior to the bid opening date. Names and phone numbers of at least twenty-five agencies using this system must be sent with the invitation to bid.
  9. The Anti-Theft system must have a bypass switch to shut the system off. This procedure is for maintenance situations when civilians are authorized to move the vehicle.
  10. The Anti-Theft system shall provide protection for the vehicle when not running and unattended as in take home policy vehicles. If the keylock is destroyed, the vehicle will still be protected.
  11. The Anti-Theft system will prevent the theft of a police vehicle when keys are lost or stolen.

Also Available for EMS, Public Works and Fire



Tremco Police Products is a division of Tremco Products, Inc. and is based in Billerica, Massachusetts. For the past 30 years we have been providing Police Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems for Federal, State, and local Government vehicles across the United States.

When personnel pull up to an emergency situation, they place the shifter into the “park” position. The Tremco Integrated Anti-Theft System automatically activates when the shift lever is in the “park” position protecting the vehicle from drive-away theft. A would-be thief cannot pull the shift lever out of the “park” position. When personnel return to the vehicle, they instantly deactivate the system and are on their way. It is 100% reliable, convenient for the user, and inexpensive.


Our vehicle anti-theft system integrates easily into your police vehicles and provides 24 hour protection to your vehicles when not in service. If the vehicle is not in use and the key lock is destroyed, the shifter will not release and will not be able to be put into “Drive”.

Our unique camouflage system blends in with the surrounding components for convenient everyday use. And for all police package vehicles, the system plugs into existing harnesses. No cutting or splicing wires means a quick, safe installation that will not void existing vehicle manufacturer warranties.

For the past 30 years, this police anti-theft tool has protected thousands of agency vehicles from the liability of chases, fatalities, damage to vehicles, and loss of weapons. Take a look at some news clippings or published articles.

Whelen: New Product Releases

Whelen Engineering Introduces New Products!

Pioneer Summit Series


Designed to deliver maximum light intensity, the low-profile Pioneer Summit Series is available in multiple spot, flood, and scene optic combinations. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Proclera Optics increase clarity with 100% silicone internal optics. The Pioneer Summit Series features optional integrated warning and ICC marker lights for optimal illumination and visibility.


  • Pre-configured spot, flood, or scene optics
  • Available with White illumination, Amber ICC marker, and Red warning lights
  • Individual control of each set of optics
  • Proclera Optic Technology features 100% silicone internal optics
  • Rated IP67 for dust and water resistance
  • Extruded and die-cast aluminum powder coated housing available in Black or White
  • Bail bracket mount standard
  • Five year warranty

Hi-Way Riser Lightbar Series


Designed for optimal visibility, the Hi-Way Riser Series utilizes a robust electronic actuator to raise the lightbar arms from a horizontal to a vertical position above the vehicle, providing highly effective warning at greater distances.


  • Low profile cast aluminum base available in White or Black
  • Features ION lightheads in all locations and ION V-Series lightheads on the top of the arms
  • SOLO or DUO control to either front or rear of arms
  • Traffic Advisor option available
  • Permanent mount
  • All lightheads are purchased à la carte
  • Five year warranty

Proclera Optic

Proclera Optics are Whelen’s innovative and efficient solution to distorted optical shape and fringe lighting. Whelen’s unique Proclera Optics use the same amount of power as traditional polycarbonate optics, but with a greater intensity and better results. Silicone provides a higher transmission of light energy and optical power, providing you with the best outcome: less distortion and a 3x brighter light output, all while better directing light where it is needed most.


  • 100% silicone optic technology
  • Increased ability to harness LED output and better direct and focus light
  • Full-fill Square TIR optic increases optic efficiency compared to a conventional circular TIR
  • Internal design placement keeps optics in optimal condition and protects from harsh road conditions

Inner Edge® FST and RST Series


The newly designed, low-profile Inner Edge FST and RST Series better utilizes vehicle contours, providing higher visibility and a custom fit*. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Proclera Optic silicone technology increases clarity and has the power to punch through tints. The Inner Edge FST and RST Series is available with SOLO, DUO, or TRIO technology.

Pioneer Series


With its structural design and innovative optic technology, the Pioneer Series has been re-engineered with a more efficient light engine to put more light wherever it’s needed. Whelen’s all-new patent-pending Proclera Optic increases clarity with 100% silicone internal optics. Available in single and dual models with flood or spot/flood combination optics, the newly designed Pioneer Series builds on the Pioneer family’s reputation for versatility and functionality.

SurfaceMax Series


Whelen’s SurfaceMax Series features the versatility and performance of the Hundred Series, with a full-fill optic and all-new mounting system, providing easy installation and a clean look. The SurfaceMax Series mounts to a variety of applications and is available in Warning, Brake, Brake/Tail, and Turn Arrow models.

Pioneer LiFe LF35


Introducing the Pioneer LiFe LF35, a revolutionary battery powered light combining an all-new Pioneer SlimLine flood optic with the portability and flexibility of a grab and go light. The first of it’s kind, the LiFe LF35 is just 7 pounds. It’s Intelligent Inductive Charger provides easy, wireless charging, and the built-in battery is lightweight and thermally protected.

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Avenger® II Series


With their compact and inconspicuous design, Whelen’s Avenger II dash lights are barely visible until powered on and are simple to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. Combination Linear/TIR optics provide high intensity warning and illumination, and a smaller profile maximizes space for optimal versatility. The Avenger II is available with SOLO, DUO, and TRIO technology.

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Whelen: Updated DOT Lighting Systems Catalog


Download it here

Whelen Engineering has been designing and manufacturing professional lighting system solutions for over forty years. Engineered to meet all demands of the heavy-duty truck market, Whelen is proud to provide lighting solutions that are designed for all operating conditions. Providing safe, reliable systems to both operators and the motoring public is at the forefront of Whelen’s mission. As an industry leader, Whelen prides itself in providing flexible system programmability and introducing innovative, high quality products for further safety enhancement. We appreciate your loyalty as we continue to drive innovation.

Panorama: Clean up your roof!

Old antenna set up. 5 Antennas

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New antenna set up.  Great White, Sharkee and the factory antenna. 3 Antennas

Aug2016 setup