Whelen: Service Update – M4, M6, M7, M9

The M Series lightheads have been updated to allow Low Power activation in the Steady and Signal Alert™ Steady patterns.

Low Power intensity has 5 levels. To select apply 12 volts to the power and low power wires, then use the Scan-Lock™ wire to cycle through intensity.

The Instruction manuals for the M4, M6, M7 & M9 have been updated and are attached below:

14187M9 14191M6 14190M4 14189M7

Please contact us with any questions

Whelen: Software now only downloadable from the site

Please get all your software from the updated software page shown below – It will no longer be supplied with the equipment. This will ensure you only have the latest versions that will automatically update when connected to the internet.


Whelen: See the new Vehicle Outfitter Tool on Whelen.com

We are excited to announce that we have added a new Vehicle Outfitter feature to whelen.com.

To access: vehicleoutfitter.whelen.com

This new tool allows you to choose the year, make, and model of the vehicle you are looking to outfit. Once the information is filled out, a list of vehicle specific mounts will be created. You will also have access to the install guides for each option.

We have designed this feature to assist our valued distributors and customers in selecting the correct Whelen products as easily as possible.



WeVision: LINV2 & LINSV2


Welcome to WeVision™! Whelen Engineering’s WeVision will be bringing you Whelen’s newest products and innovations.

This video is showing you LINV2 & LINSV2 V-Series™ Linear Super-LED® Lightheads. The two new lightheads come with V-Series technology providing a combination 180° warning and puddle light with Scan-Lock™ flash patterns for under surface mounting! Watch the video to find more information.

WeVision: Outer Edge Rear Pillar LED



This video shows you the Outer Edge® Rear Pillar, Exterior Mount Super-LED® Lightbar Series comes with three Micron lightheads and each lighthead has a pigtail with a weather resistant mini connector for easy reconfiguration! Watch the video to find more information.