Whelen: Delta Rota-Beam Lightbar


100% Solid-state! No moving parts and no motors. Your eyes will tell you that it is a rotating lightbar, but it is simply the latest innovation in LED lighting from Whelen! If you are looking for the longer dwell time and sweep of halogen rotating lights, here it is… and only the motor noise is missing!


Download the Brochure: Delta_Rota-Beam_Series

Tech Note: Whelen Leveling Feet

This is a technical note about the Whelen adjustable leveling foot. Please make sure to specify the make, model

and year on all orders. The leveling foot is compatible with most applications but not all. Please see the additional information listed below:



See the full brochure on the Lightbar Leveling Mounts here – Leveling_Mounting_Foot

Whelen: Legacy Lightbar – White Scene Lighting

Tired of the tall profile lightbar? Looking for a change in both technology and look of your vehicles. Now is the time to look at low profile LED lightbar solutions. With the advent of new and improved LED’s and advanced optics the issues of the past are resolved with the latest versions of equipment.

Dual color is the new thing to have and the reasons are clear, literally it is all about clear or White lighting to illuminate the scene of the crime or rescue. All Legacy Duo lightbars can be configured to offer multiple colors of light per module. This allows you to configure the equipment to the specific need of each vehicle you are specifying.

Settle only for the best, call us for a demo, put the bars to a test head to head with the competition. We stand behind our products, does your current vendor?


Golden State Fire Apparatus / City of Fremont

Golden State Fire Apparatus, Pierce MFG and Fremont Fire and Police Departments teamed up to build this beautiful Mobile Command Post. Equipped with a full array of Whelen Lighting.  If you are interested in a unit like this please contact: goldenstatefire.com

Whelen: Legacy DUO


Whelen’s sharper EDGE®!

Reminiscent of the classic Edge in a new style design, Legacy was designed from the rugged extrusion up to maximize the
performance of the hottest LED on the market.

Download the brochure: Legacy_DUO_Series_Lightbar