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Tremco Police Products is the world leader of police vehicle anti-theft systems. For three decades, our patented vehicle anti-theft systems have been included in the specifications for Federal, State, and Local Government vehicles. Our anti-theft system is designed specifically for police vehicles to prevent theft while providing risk management.

What’s different about the Tremco Anti-Theft System is that our patented system prevents police car theft, when the vehicle is left running with the key in the ignition.



  • Vehicles Can Be Left Unattended While Running
  • Allows Emergency Lighting & Other Electronics to Operate
  • Provides More Security at The Scene Of An Accident
  • Inexpensive & Easy to Install – Plug N Play


Tremco Police Products is the world leader of specialty vehicle Anti-Theft Systems. For three decades Tremco Police Products Anti-Theft Systems have been included in the specifications for Federal, State, and local Government vehicles and is designed specifically for emergency vehicles.

Tremco Emergency Vehicle Anti-Theft System


• Gives Police personnel the ability to leave the vehicle running unattended
• Allows emergency lighting, computers, radios, heaters, air conditioners, and defrosters to operate while maintaining needed battery current.
• Provides security and risk management
• The Anti-Theft System is very affordable
• Easy installation (plug-n-play) in less than ten minutes!


  1. The Anti-Theft system will turn on automatically every time the vehicle shift lever is placed in the “park” position. The system shall not require a key or switch to activate, since quick departures are common in police vehicle procedures. This technology enhances 100% usage.
  2. With the engine running and the Anti-Theft system activated, the automatic transmission shift lever won’t move out of the “park” position.
  3. The engine of a parked vehicle with the Anti-Theft system will be able to start, but the shift lever will not move out of the “park” position as in #2.
  4. The Anti-Theft system shall be deactivated by means of a not easily identifiable covert hidden floor switch system made of rubber material that has no electrical wires to sustain water damage.
  5. The Anti-Theft system shall be simple in design and require minimum time to install by agency personnel. (Less than ten minutes). No specialty tools required.
  6. The Anti-Theft system shall include detailed quality installation instructions and if requested, on-site installation training at the agency facility by the vendor.
  7. Warranty must be at least three years from installation for all parts.
  8. The Anti-Theft system must have proven track record in the field having been in production for at least five years prior to the bid opening date. Names and phone numbers of at least twenty-five agencies using this system must be sent with the invitation to bid.
  9. The Anti-Theft system must have a bypass switch to shut the system off. This procedure is for maintenance situations when civilians are authorized to move the vehicle.
  10. The Anti-Theft system shall provide protection for the vehicle when not running and unattended as in take home policy vehicles. If the keylock is destroyed, the vehicle will still be protected.
  11. The Anti-Theft system will prevent the theft of a police vehicle when keys are lost or stolen.

Also Available for EMS, Public Works and Fire



Tremco Police Products is a division of Tremco Products, Inc. and is based in Billerica, Massachusetts. For the past 30 years we have been providing Police Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems for Federal, State, and local Government vehicles across the United States.

When personnel pull up to an emergency situation, they place the shifter into the “park” position. The Tremco Integrated Anti-Theft System automatically activates when the shift lever is in the “park” position protecting the vehicle from drive-away theft. A would-be thief cannot pull the shift lever out of the “park” position. When personnel return to the vehicle, they instantly deactivate the system and are on their way. It is 100% reliable, convenient for the user, and inexpensive.


Our vehicle anti-theft system integrates easily into your police vehicles and provides 24 hour protection to your vehicles when not in service. If the vehicle is not in use and the key lock is destroyed, the shifter will not release and will not be able to be put into “Drive”.

Our unique camouflage system blends in with the surrounding components for convenient everyday use. And for all police package vehicles, the system plugs into existing harnesses. No cutting or splicing wires means a quick, safe installation that will not void existing vehicle manufacturer warranties.

For the past 30 years, this police anti-theft tool has protected thousands of agency vehicles from the liability of chases, fatalities, damage to vehicles, and loss of weapons. Take a look at some news clippings or published articles.

Sub-Standard Wiring – Do not let it happen to you…

Sub-Standard wiring is at the root of most electrical issues we see in the field. This wiring is both a huge safety concern and also will affect how all of your vehicle equipment operates and in turn your response to the scene of the incident. That is if you make it at all.

Here are some examples of a recent vehicle we were asked to look at based on the emergency warning equipment not functioning properly.

20140421_105156 (Medium)

Incorrect install of secondary battery – To high – improper mounting – improper wire gauge

20140421_105205 (Medium) 20140421_105214 (Medium)

Hole burned though hood liner and hood metal by arcing wing nut on secondary battery

20140421_105327 (Medium)
20140421_105331 (Medium) 20140421_105338 (Medium)

Wiring found under the front passenger seat.

This all can be resolved with a properly speced vehicle harness and base electrical system. Proper selection of a qualified install facility is also very important.

Please contact us to discuss the options for your next vehicle.



Segway: SE-3 Patroller Video & Info Sheet




Golden State Fire Apparatus / City of Fremont

Golden State Fire Apparatus, Pierce MFG and Fremont Fire and Police Departments teamed up to build this beautiful Mobile Command Post. Equipped with a full array of Whelen Lighting.  If you are interested in a unit like this please contact:

Whelen: Freedom Rota-Beam Lightbar

Download the Brochure: Freedom_Rota-Beam_Lightbar

With the classic appearance of the edge® 9000 Series,

Freedom is shorter than the delta rota-beam™ lightbar and features modular construction. 100% Solid-State! no moving parts and no motors. it is simply the latest innovation in led lighting from Whelen!

If you are looking for the longer dwell time and sweep of halogen rotating lights, here it is… and only the motor noise is missing!