Important EVT Updates:

  • The Installation Guides for the HHS3200 and HHS4200 series have been updated.
    • The description of the Low Power Activation Line positive and negative input wires has been updated.
    • Both are attached as follows:
    • HHS3200 Installation Guide 14B05.pdf – 14B05
    • HHS4200 Installation Guide 14B06.pdf – 14B06
    • If you are having any issues with your HHS3200 or 4200 please contact us for Troubleshooting assistance
  • The Dozer Siren tone has been added to the EPSL1 Epsilon™ Siren.
  • Whelen has released the new Command Software Suite:
    • –  Available here
    • Designed to simplify control system programming, Whelen Command delivers the ability to program all Whelen control systems within one application. Featuring advanced universal features, Whelen Command is backward compatible and will fully support all future Whelen control systems. Whelen Command replaces the following programs: CenCom Sapphire, CenCom Carbide, CanTrol® WC, WeCan®, SmartLogic Flasher, and HHS3200 & HHS4200
    • You will notice on your next software update to all existing software that you will be met with a prompt to download the new software. Please note that all old software still operates. Simply hit the X to bypass the prompt.
    • Take some time to become familiar with the new software and please contact us with questions. While the software is backwards compatible, please contact us for troubleshooting tips.
    • Command Software Product Bulletin – Command Product Bulletin Link
    • We will be putting together regional and online trainings in the next months to help answer questions you might have about the new software.


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