Whelen: 500 Series Super-LED® Lightheads

Download the Brochure: 500_Series_SuperLED

An almost limitless choice of single or split color lightheads with housing and mounting options to meet all your requirements.

• TIR6 and Linear split color Super-LED and V-Series (patent pending) modules with Clear outer lenses.
• Wide-angle visibility and high intensity rivals strobe with only 30% of the amp draw.
• 12 VDC.
• The “synch” interconnect wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronized together.
• Each module requires a mounting option, purchased separately for horizontal or vertical mounting, in a wide range of choices. These mounting accessories meet all your specific needs: Chrome plated or Black polycarbonate trim ring, surface mount, rubber grommet, pedestal/ swivel mount, or round bar mounts.
• Epoxy encapsulated electronics provide vibration and moisture free performance.
• Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty on LEDs.

• Three-in-one combination light for warning, flood/alley and ground illumination in one remarkably compact surface mount lighthead.
• 180° wide-angle warning light for Class I SAE 845 requirements.
• Color LEDs with Clear outer lens.
• Hard-coated lenses with HDO™ technology for unmatched high intensity warning.
• 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including steady-burn and synchronize feature for the warning segment of this lighthead.
• Warning available in Red, Amber, Blue and White.
• Steady-burn White for flood/alley lighting plus White ground illumination.

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