Whelen: M6V2 and M9V2 Warning and Scene Light

The Latest lighthead series from Whelen….. Innovative new design in the M6 and M9 family of products.
Reshape the future of emergency warning lights with the M6V2 and M9V2.

A new generation of versatile, compact lightheads that implement Whelen’s Super-LED technology and act as all-in-one warning/perimeter or warning/scene lights.

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• Two-in-one combination light
• M6V2 – warning/perimeter
• M9V2 – warning/scene
• Available in Red, Blue and Amber
• Surface mount
• Hard coated lenses minimize environmental damage from the sun, salt and road chemicals
• 21 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including synchronizable patterns
• Optional flange available in Chrome (M6FC) or Black (M6FB)
• Size M6V2: 4-5/16” (109mm) H x 2-1/4” (57mm) D x 6-3/4” (170mm) L
• Size M9V2: 6-1/2” (165mm) H x 2-5/8” (66mm) D
• Five Year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty


• NFPA 1901 2009 Edition Table Large Apparatus Upper/ Lower
• NFPA 1901 2009 Edition Table Small Apparatus Upper/ Lower
• ASTM / KKK 1822-F Upper and Lower
• NFPA 1917 2013 Edition Upper and Lower
• Table Optical Power Requirements Large Ambulance
• Table Optical Power Requirements Small Ambulance


• .AMD 024 Perimeter Illumination Spec
• M6V2 Two lightheads on each side of the vehicle
• M9V2 One lighthead on each side of the vehicle
• NFPA Ground Lighting
• M9V2 Two lightheads
• NFPA Ground Lighting Rear
• M6V2 One lighthead mounted up to 6’

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