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Public Fleet Supervisors Association

The Public Fleet Supervisors Association is a professional organization which provides a meeting ground for public employees whose principal responsibility is the management and/or supervision of the acquisition, repair and maintenance of a motor vehicle fleet. PFSA serves the greater San Francisco Bay area and Northern California.

NCMFA – Northern California Fire Mechanics Association


PEMA – Public Equipment Managers Association

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To provide a means for free interchange of experience, technical knowledge, ideas, and opinions pertaining to the operation, maintenance and repair of a Public Motor Vehicle Fleet. AND To promote interest, coordination of effort, cooperation and exchange of information between equipment maintenance personnel of governmental agencies and public utilities; and to coordinate with private industry and the public in matters concerning equipment management maintenance, and operations.

E.V.O.O.A. is an association for individuals who are interested in the vehicles, equipment, and collectibles associated with the public safety sector. These include current or classic police vehicles, fire trucks, EMT units, hearses, motorcycles, tow trucks and other public safety vehicles.

Police & Fire Chiefs Associations:

Nevada Fire Chiefs Association

Western Fire Chiefs Association

International Association of Fire Chiefs

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