Whelen: Freedom IV Series Released


Make room for the all new Freedom Series lightbar, much like the revisions to the Liberty with the new Liberty II, Whelen has now reset the bar for the Freedom Series. All new optics, all new lensing, all new technology places the Freedom back at the top of the industry.

Linear Super-LED technology. WeCan® DYAD two level technology (single or two color) allows for  individual control of each level of each lighthead Advanced Thermal Design reduces the stress on LEDs during  extended dwell time. Center dividers with LIM (Liquid Injection Molded) seals protect internal components from water infiltration. Each model has one or two sealing points, assuring lightbar integrity  in all weather conditions. Hard-coated lenses minimize  environmental damage from the sun, salt, and road chemicals 100% solid-state electronics. Point to point wiring between the I/O board and each lighthead  allows for easy reconfiguration. Newly designed corner modules blend light together for 360° of contiguous light.  Whelen™s Collimator™ patented optic design provides unbeaten light output. WeCan models are programmable with unlimited flash patterns. Plug & Play into Whelen or vehicle manufactured controllers (WeCan only). Photocell automatically dims the lightbar at night while still meeting SAE Class 1 requirements. Add up to 16 optional Linear Super-LED directional modules.  17 foot passenger side cable

Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty


Rear DYAD Traffic Advisor™
Take-downs available in three or six Super-LED modules
Alley lights available in three or six
Super-LED modules
Two LED brake/tail/turn lights
Pioneer™ lightbar mount
Color filters available for full customization
Go undercover with all new, SAE Class 1 certified smoked lenses and dividers
Alternate center section models available in all models over 55″

Color domes for center and end sections with optional alley window
Single color or DUO+ color interleaved double reflector lighthead for rear center mount
GTT LED emitter available with or without take-downs
Strobe reflector available with or without take-downs
Smoked center domes available

Whelen: Micron Series Super-LED Lighthead

The smallest and most durable Super-LED lighting product on the market today. At just over 4” wide, these versatile surface mount lightheads are designed to withstand harsh environments and tough applications while providing intense light almost anywhere.

2014-04-25_064958 Download Download the Literature – Micron_Series


• Available in single color: Red, Blue, Amber or White.
• Surface mount flange included, available in Black or Chrome.
• 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including steady-burn.
• Integrate with other Whelen products through our ‘synchronize’ feature.
• Directional light pattern.
• Supplied with a 6” 4-wire pigtail.
• 0.6 amps average at 12.8 VDC.
• Meets or exceeds SAE J845, SAE J595, KKK1822F and California Title XIII specifications.
• Five Year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty.


MCRNS* Black Flange
MCRNSC* Chrome Flange

Whelen: Legacy® Solo™ Series

Download the Brochure: Legacy_Solo_Series_Lightbar

Legacy Solo was designed from the rugged extrusion up to maximize performance. Now more competitively priced and with the added featuresyou want!


• Advanced Thermal Design “ATD” provides attention demanding new flash patterns for more lighting ontime. These include SteadyFlash™ for use at nighttime traffic stop/ accident scene for added protection for officers. ATD reduces the stresson the LEDs themselves, when thedwell time of the LEDs is extended.
• One piece UNI-DOME construction with a single sealing point. Each dome slides onto the aluminum extrusion and wraps around all internal components while the wiper seal protects your lightbar from the worst elements.
• Metal top shield stays cool to the touch, protects the lightbar from nature’s elements such as hail and provides passive solar radiation to direct heataway from internal components to ensure long life and reliability.
• Center divider(s) with LIM (Liquid Injection Molded) wiper seals ensure lightbar integrity in all conditions.
• Single color Super-LED modules in new reflector assemblies.
• WeCan® programmable.
• Height without mounting feet is only 1-5/8”.
• New Diamond Optix™ (Patent Pending) linear reflector optic design.
• Newly designed, high-output linear combo “Multi-Angled” corner modules produce light straight out and to the side. These modules cover the critical 45° angles. The four combo modules produce 360° warning signal.
• Whelen’s exclusive Collimator™ patented design captures, collects and focuses light for unbeaten light output.
• Optional Traffic Advisor™ in single or DUO™ color.
• Optional take-downs are available in 3 or 6 diode TIR LED modules with 15° adjustment.
• Optional alley lights are available in a 3 diode module that is 15° adjustable.
• Legacy “plug and play” into the CenCom Sapphire™ or CanTrol™ controller. A WeCan® controller module is supplied for use with other switch centers.
• Hard-coated lenses shrug off environmental damage from the sun, salt and road chemicals.
• Optional corner, long and short module color filters. Available in Red, Blue or Amber.
• Optional photocell to automatically dim at night and still meet SAE Class 1 requirements in low power mode.
• The I/O board snaps into brackets, and point to point wiring between each lighthead and the I/O board creates a clean look and allows for easy serviceability.
• Many patents pending.
• Standard lengths: 44” (110cm), 48” (123cm) and 54” (136cm).
• Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty

Whelen: 500 Series Super-LED® Lightheads

Download the Brochure: 500_Series_SuperLED

An almost limitless choice of single or split color lightheads with housing and mounting options to meet all your requirements.

• TIR6 and Linear split color Super-LED and V-Series (patent pending) modules with Clear outer lenses.
• Wide-angle visibility and high intensity rivals strobe with only 30% of the amp draw.
• 12 VDC.
• The “synch” interconnect wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronized together.
• Each module requires a mounting option, purchased separately for horizontal or vertical mounting, in a wide range of choices. These mounting accessories meet all your specific needs: Chrome plated or Black polycarbonate trim ring, surface mount, rubber grommet, pedestal/ swivel mount, or round bar mounts.
• Epoxy encapsulated electronics provide vibration and moisture free performance.
• Five year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty on LEDs.

• Three-in-one combination light for warning, flood/alley and ground illumination in one remarkably compact surface mount lighthead.
• 180° wide-angle warning light for Class I SAE 845 requirements.
• Color LEDs with Clear outer lens.
• Hard-coated lenses with HDO™ technology for unmatched high intensity warning.
• 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns including steady-burn and synchronize feature for the warning segment of this lighthead.
• Warning available in Red, Amber, Blue and White.
• Steady-burn White for flood/alley lighting plus White ground illumination.

Whelen: Mirror-Beam™ ION™ V-Series™

Now add all the high performance and reliability features of the ION V-Series to the mirror glamour cap of your vehicle without taking up valuable real estate on the dash and deck; without concern over airbag safety, you have added even more mid level performance, more features, and more intersection warning to your vehicle.

Download the Brochure – Mirror-Beam_ION_V-Series