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Whelen: New Product Releases – V2V inside your lightbar and New Takedown options

New Liberty™ II Lightbar Feature


Introducing Advanced Placement Take-Down™ with SmartFocus Technology™, a revolutionary new feature designed to increase officer and driver safety at nighttime traffic stops. Available as an option for Liberty™ II lightbars, it features two beam options, an ultra-focused spotlight and a slightly wider spread, which gives officers the flexibility and control to direct white lighting at traffic stops without compromising their vision or that of oncoming traffic. The intense glare of white lighting presents a significant challenge and safety risk for nighttime traffic stops. With the help of representatives from high-traffic state highway patrol agencies, we developed Advanced Placement Take-Down with SmartFocus Technology as the solution to minimize risks for both officers and drivers.


For more information on the new Advanced Placement Take-Down with SmartFocus Technology, including pricing and model number, click HERE to read the market advisory.


New V2V Sync Option


Access the safety benefits of a synchronized fleet faster than ever with our new Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync option for WeCanX® Legacy®, Liberty™ II, and Freedom® IV lightbars. Now, you can order these lightbars with the V2V antenna already embedded inside, eliminating the need for installing and wiring a separate module.


For more information on the new V2V Sync embedded lightbar options, including pricing and model number, click HERE to read the market advisory.


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Whelen: Enhancing Nighttime Safety for All

Whelen’s newest innovations calm the scene™ and allow first responders to focus on critical tasks, while also improving motorists’ ability to navigate emergency scenes safely.

See all the latest information here:


Whelen: 10 Year Warranty on Premium Equipment

We’re now offering a 10-year warranty on many of our premium products! As leaders and innovators in the emergency warning industry, we’ve always stood behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products, and now we’re the first in the industry to offer a 10-year warranty on our most popular products. This extended coverage is a testament to our longstanding commitment to providing the highest quality, American-manufactured products that are built to last. Whelen products are known for their durability, exceptional performance, and long-life reliability—qualities that are imperative in the field when lives are on the line. And now you have the added peace of mind of knowing that if something does happen, your purchase is covered.

Our new 10-year warranty is retroactive to January 1, 2023, and is valid on products like CenCom Core® control systems; Inner Edge®, Liberty™ II, Freedom® IV, and Legacy® lightbars; ION™, ION T-Series™, and M Series™ lightheads; WeCanX® peripherals like control heads and remote expansion modules, and much more.

For a complete list of covered products and FAQs click HERE to read the market advisory.

The full warranty statement, including terms and conditions, can be read HERE.

Please reach out to our customer service team at with any questions.

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