2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility – What’s New & What Will Transfer

We are pleased to share an update on Setina equipment for the new 2020 Ford Police Interceptor. We are happy to inform you that most products are either complete and ready for shipment, or will be very shortly.

At Setina, we design all our products with transferability in mind. At the same time Safety, Performance, and Fit-and-Finish are our top priority which prevents some products from being transferable.

Equipment Now Available!

• Push Bumpers
• P.I.T. and Fender Guard Systems
• Prisoner Transport Partitions
• Firearms Mounting Systems
• Replacement Prisoner Transport Seating
• Rear Cargo Area Partitions
• Window Barriers
• TPO Door Panels
• Rear Cargo Storage Systems

Product Info Sheets – 2020 Interceptor Utility

Transfer Your Current Setina Equipment

• Push Bumpers – From your 2016-2019 PI Utility, with a Transfer Kit.
• Prisoner Transport Partitions – Transferable from Most Sedans and Mid-Size SUV’s, with a Transfer Kit.
• Rear Cargo Area Storage Systems – Transferable from Mid and Full-Size SUV’s.
• Firearms Mounting Systems

2020 Utility – Transferability – Excel Sheet

New EZ-Lift Cargo Deck

2-Stage Cargo Deck and Electronics Tray Lift-System

1. Locking Cargo Deck easily lifts via Gas Struts for easy serviceability of Electronic Equipment.
2. Electronics Tray secured via easily accessible thumb-screws, preventing road noise.

With thumb-screws removed, Cargo Deck Platform can be used to also lift Electronics Tray, providing easy access to Spare Tire. Electronics space is Vented, Ported, and Fan-ready.


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