Sub-Standard Wiring – Do not let it happen to you…

Sub-Standard wiring is at the root of most electrical issues we see in the field. This wiring is both a huge safety concern and also will affect how all of your vehicle equipment operates and in turn your response to the scene of the incident. That is if you make it at all.

Here are some examples of a recent vehicle we were asked to look at based on the emergency warning equipment not functioning properly.

20140421_105156 (Medium)

Incorrect install of secondary battery – To high – improper mounting – improper wire gauge

20140421_105205 (Medium) 20140421_105214 (Medium)

Hole burned though hood liner and hood metal by arcing wing nut on secondary battery

20140421_105327 (Medium)
20140421_105331 (Medium) 20140421_105338 (Medium)

Wiring found under the front passenger seat.

This all can be resolved with a properly speced vehicle harness and base electrical system. Proper selection of a qualified install facility is also very important.

Please contact us to discuss the options for your next vehicle.



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