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New addition to Wattco product representation family:

Ventra Technologies  –  CDR500 Vehicle Video Recorder – Mobile DVR

Wattco is proud to announce our representation of Ventra’s family of products including the CDR500.  This unit is designed to be mounted inside the vehicle and provide a continuous loop digital video recording of the area in front of the vehicle to protect the city, county or agency, its employees and property in a compact easy to install package.  The CDR500 has a robust software suite that is included with each purchase and there will not be any additional fees required. 

Features include the following video triggering events:

  • G Sensor, Video history in case of an incident (accident / violation / vandalism
  • Maximum Speed sensor, identify / correct unsafe driving pattern
  • GPS positioning, route history through Google Maps
  • HD 720 Resolution, high quality image with stabilization correction
  • 120° viewing angle allows for a wide field of vision
  • Easy to Install

Schedule your demonstration by your local Territory Manager or contact our office to start your Test & Evaluation of the CDR500 today.

Protect your employees, organization and family

Download the Brochures (click on the images below for the PDF files)

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Product Photos:


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