How Whelen’s DVI patterns make nighttime emergency scenes safer

The stark contrast between dark streets and the sudden chaos of emergency vehicle lighting can create a lot of confusion. It takes time for motorist’s eyes to adjust to the significant change in light intensity while navigating around vehicles or hazards in the road, increasing the risk for an unsafe situation for first responders and civilians alike.

Pursuit mode allows first responders to alert people who are on the move of their approach, but the high-intensity light output and the intense flash rate isn’t the best option for emergency vehicles parked at a scene.

Dynamic Variable Intensity™ patterns can change that. Here is how DVI will help drivers navigate the road in a safer way while approaching a nighttime emergency scene.

DVI patterns gradually increase and decrease light intensity and create a pulsing light pattern.

Harsh lighting and night glare can impact motorists’ ability to clearly navigate around emergency vehicles and reduce responder safety. Traditionally, when you wanted to alert oncoming motorists about an accident scene, you had one choice: high-intensity flash patterns. With Whelen’s DVI patterns, harsh lighting and night glare are reduced so motorists can clearly navigate around emergency vehicles, increasing visibility and safety.

DVI patterns are available with CenCom Core™. CenCom Core is Whelen’s newest light and siren control system designed to enhance first responder safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity.

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