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Pioneer™ LiFe Series

Introducing the Pioneer LiFe Series, a family of revolutionary battery powered portable area lights designed to bring Whelen’s advanced Pioneer technology where other lights can’t go. The Pioneer LiFe LF35 is the first of its kind, combining an all new Pioneer SlimLine™ optic with the portability and flexibility of a grab and go light. The Intelligent Inductive Charger with no exposed contacts provides easy, wireless charging, and the built-in battery is lightweight and thermally protected. The LiFe LF35 is just 7.5 pounds, lighter than any other portable area light on the market today. The Pioneer LiFe LF35 is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States. Don’t be left in the dark if you are the first to arrive on the scene.


Whelen’s renowned Pioneer™ optics are trusted throughout the emergency warning industry. The Pioneer LiFe LF35’s all new SlimLine™ optic is optimized for portable applications in order to control and focus light to work areas. Hard-coated lenses and solid-state electronics provide the durability Whelen is known for.

• Includes two optic lenses:
• Floodlight lens standard
• 8° TIR spotlight lens included
• Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damages
• 100% solid-state electronics
• Color temperatures reach 6,000° kelvin, simulating bright midday light
• IP67 rated for dust and water resistance
• 3,500 usable lumens


The LiFe LF35 is engineered for the toughest jobs. Designed specifically for emergency responders, the entire light is simple and easy to use with gloved hands. The impact resistant nylon housing provides unmatched durability and the balanced design is easy to grab and go during any emergency.

• Impact resistant glass reinforced nylon housing is available in Safety Yellow
• Robust adjustable ratcheting mechanism allows for a 180° range of uninterrupted light
• Push-button power switch and top handle are easy to use with gloved hands
• Well balanced top handle is designed to be over the center of mass
• Easily attach a sling or carabiner to the light to make transportation easy
• Virtually no RFI/EMI radiation, the portable area light will not interfere with portable
communication devices


The Pioneer™ LiFe LF35’s LiFePO4 battery will ensure you will never be left in the dark.
During full intensity usage, the battery provides consistent usable lumen output, delivering the
brightest illumination possible. For longer jobs, Battery Saver Mode will preserve output by
running at a lower intensity.

When the battery runs low, the LiFe LF35 will flicker to indicate its need for charge. When 15
minutes of battery life remain, the light will dim to a reduced intensity to preserve output time.

• Built-in lightweight lithium iron phosphate battery utilizes LiFePO4 technology and features up to
3.5 hours of runtime at full intensity and up to 7 hours of runtime in Battery Saver Mode
• Battery is built into the unit, making it safe and protected
• Battery features short circuit and thermal protection
• With 20 minutes left of battery life, light will flicker to remind the user to charge the battery
• With 15 minutes left of battery life, light will dim to a reduced intensity to preserve output time
• Battery will disconnect when fully charged, preserving the lifecycle of the battery
• Battery will fully charge in 4-5 hours, maintaining optimal lifespan
• Battery is rated for more than 2000 charging cycles

Intelligent Inductive Charger

The LiFe LF35’s Intelligent Inductive Charger (IIC) is wireless and eliminates the need for plugs and wires by utilizing inductive charging technology. Simply place the LF35 into the charging base and it will begin to charge. Without the need for cables, the charger is always at the ready.

• IIC is specifically designed to work with Pioneer™ LiFe LF35 lights only. If foreign objects are placed on the charger, it will disable itself until the object is removed
• No open contacts on the charger to compromise charging circuit
• IIC can be installed on a horizontal or vertical surface
• Various mounting options for Whelen poles and tripods will soon be available
• Chargers available in 12 VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC
• 12 VDC charger is standard: 5 amps average
• AC charging is available with adaptor:
• .5 amps average at 120 VAC
• .25 amps average at 240 VAC

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